Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top 10 hints you're faking the funk

10. Stock sport cars, sorry it looks silly- just looks like you're in retirement or plain spoiled rotten.

9. Calling it "JDM" when all you got are rota wheels. Rotas gets the job done but sorry not JDM. It's insane what qualifies as JDM these days. Don't believe me? Check out all the "jdm" cars on craiglist.

8. Undropped cars with big rims- yea, throw some Ds on it. Fuck out of here, Frugly as ever!

7. Unfinished and daily driven year after year, after year, and after year. OMG, we get it bro, now shut up and finish it.

6. Your brand of choice are American Racing, Hot wheel, or Motegi. In other words, you purchased your shoes from Pepboys, beyond lol.

5. Your fenders overshadow your shoes, wtf, looks like a plane. wide fenders + high offset = NO! NO!

4. Sporting factory rims like they were in style. Lol, gsr blades = FAILED.

3. Never in your sorry life attended an event- not even as a fan boy.

2. It's an automatic, unless you're producing over 800 hp, i'm not impress

1. Flashing your stolen parts, talking slick shit about hot this hot that- PUNCH!

*If you're offended, don't be. We've all been there. Do it right, do it clean, and do it Jmuag.

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  1. funny.. but true... gotta love the rx8 part, waste of money!!!!