Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WTF, you are?..

Jmuag is a moment in time cause there is no tomorrow. We live life one frame at time capturing the unique machines and beauties of our lifetime because it'll be forever. Over the years, we've witnessed friends, love ones, and parents come and go - so we get together and reminsce. "Celebrating their legacy," they say. But it'll all be too late, they won't hear our "goodbyes" or "I love yous." So for the moment let's open the bottles, light the smokes, and let the good times roll with the ones that are left. Jmuag Production is a movement, celebrating life and artistic minds of this forever young generation one frame at a time.



  1. i like what you're doing buddy, something fresh huh!!!!
    peace out. G-lor

  2. Hey Neng,
    So far I like what I see. There are lots of potential for JMUAG production to go grow. I can see this going far if you know how to promote, give the consumer what they want to see, and make this a fun place for people to express their self based on what your focus is auto, fashion, model, and lifestyles. There are many talents out there and this will be a perfect place for people to come and express theirselves. Good luck. Jenny

  3. J-Muag is going strong for sure! Definitely liking the stuff so far, and thanks for the guest feature! Always nice when shooters support each other.


  4. Thanks Jared- much love and appreciation. Keep up the great work! lmk of your events- will support.