Monday, May 31, 2010

Editor's Note: "Streets close pizza boy...."

Memorial weekend can be a torture. Yes, it is a weekend (one day) to remember the heroes and heroines who give up their lives and freedom to make this country great and free for the rest of us. But for some reason, it's become a weekend of bbq's and of family and old friends to gather. By the way, I'm done hosting parties or gatherings at my house for a long time- in fact, I hate hosting anything where I'm expected to make you comfortable and interested enough to stay. So, instead, I spent the weekend attending three different functions.

It is in one of these events, I was approached one oddly shaped woman(lol), so why you gotta have girls? I could see the jealous rage in her eyes, as her man skims through the blog. Wowzers, this lady does not get it at all. If she had it her way we'd still be force to think that the world was flat. Here's a clue it's called, ART.

Over the course of history, the most intriguing arts have always been achieved using the concept of 'good and evil' or 'ying and yang'. So why not infuse that concept between machine and beauty. Maybe it's not my art that's the problem, it is your own insecurity. God, how I hate low self-esteem mofos.

On another note, I'm a bit disappointed because I didn't get as smash I wanted to. Man, I feel old - too much responsibilities these days.



  1. hahah
    "we think they hate us, they hate good shit...they mad now cause they got a ragidy car, they looking at the nigga in the escalade like he made a fucked up decision....dont you worry about it you ragidy bitch figure out how to get that ducktape off your tale light, mind your god damn buissness"

    39 more haters to go bro

  3. time to get + size models

  4. no, how about a "oddly shaped" model?

  5. dude you're killing me with Kat Williams videos. Got the best laugh today.

  6. Just curious, what do you mean by "oddly shaped"?

  7. gled i can help big bro