Thursday, June 24, 2010

Straight from the Dragon's Mouth

It’s been a very fun project and I’m excited that Jmuag Production will be coming to close soon and will be delivering our products as promised. I’m very proud of my team given the pennies in budget and time that we had to work with.

The calendar is in full color high quality heat press print, with hard cover, and fully functional dates and usage. We've put in over 50 hours in shooting and over 1,000 photos over the course of servel months.

Jmuag Production clothing line is just as hot. Shirt designs took over 5 hours for each design (thanks Ricki) and printed on 100% cotton quality shirts. I think the designs are phenomenal and trully unique from what available out there.

As a car and art fan, I think this is a very unique and high quality line of product to offer. Although there are something’s we could have done differently, I’m confident that you will be equally pleased. Best part in all this is that all of these shots are local-local girls and local cars, something for the midwest to show for. Please support us and contacting email for order instructions and come visit our booth at the Hmong Festival in July 4th.

*Stay tune for updated pics. Jmuag.

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  1. Very HOT!! I like this alot.... I want ONE OF ME!! LOl... Hehee... Keep it up Jmaug!!