Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Boo, I need CS5...donors? anyone?

I have to admit, I'm missing the luxury of my Photoshop software. It might explains why I'm so down these days. Anyone wanna help a brother out? Otherwise I'm gonna have to fork out a fortune for it.

Couple things on my mind, I'm having a hard time reading people's minds these days. the value of a dollar, for instance, is no longer a basic rule of supply in demand anymore it seems. Thanks to fast food chains, a dollar can supposedly buy you a meal-believe me pal, I'd rather see your family fed than breaking my arms to sale your Jmuag products. Besides, you look awful wearing it! Also, why is it that one pretty girl on print is considered "porn?" You wanna see porn? Whatever, the key word here is 'demand' and maybe 'marketing,' which all points to me (shamefully). Wrong market and wrong crowd. "Hey mister you're not Jmuag worthy, I don't need your money" says that fat salesman (me, ha). Yes, sales is this fun sometimes.

So hook me up with CS5 so I can get out of this slump, thus I can get back to my treadmill and be able think more clearer. However, all hope is not lost- I'm not a total wreck yet, I've been working to collaborate with CHAT for their Art Festival this year. I hear they have a car show- now, that's a market. Keep those fingers cross.

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