Wednesday, July 7, 2010 mother uses the calendar...

J4 was an awesome event! Most proud of my team and models that contributed, and I felt that we have made a good dent in introducing Jmuag. Lots of good feed backs and encouragements from on-lookers, fans, and even some doubters. Some dude (sorry forgot your name) from New Jersey, thanked us for not "selling out" and that the girls were "tastefully" done. Thanks, it was my intention- my mother uses the calendar so of course.

Everyone's asking for sale numbers but the important thing is that we did it. With faith in our products we pitched our tent, played our music, showcased our clothes, calendars, and dolled up the girls. It was incredible and surprising to see all demographics visited the booth. Had this one really old guy (partially deaf) came by and purchased a Jmuag shirt, I'm still in awed. Almost brought tears to my eyes when Honey, one of the models, took pictures with a disabled fan. He was just some random guy who happened to walked by the booth.

It's one hella start and shows that Jmuag is heading at the right direction. To all our fans, thanks for you support and see you at the Art Festival on August 21st.


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