Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the Meaning of Black and White

What is it? is it because I suck at photoshop and it's the only element I can somewhat handle, is it becuase I'm getting old, or is it because it actually looks really cool. You're wrong, it's actually all three combined. In addition, like the limited colors of black and white, I'm having to make a lot of tough choices this month, to drift or not to drift, or to sell or not to sell?

These are thoughts that I dwell on and on, somtimes so much that I barely can hold a conversion these days. Sorry girl with a story, I only nodded to look like I care- wtf was you talking about? But not to worry, when I'm emotional- you get a new blog write-up and Jmuag pictures! "yeaaa!," screamed the fat writer (me).

Some marketing spams

breaking my rule #116: no model should appear on car blogs

feelling a bit better so cheated and mixed a bit of color.

1 comment:

  1. I personally love black and white myself. That's why I use it as much as possible in my video's. It brings out a rawness that you don't find in color.

    I digg the pictures man. I really do.