Friday, October 8, 2010

Jmuag Models: the Real JMP Stars pt. 1

Received news today that race is closed for the season, like everything else in Minnesota, we gotta changes as our weather changes. Snow will be here and soon to follow is the unforgiving coldness, but have no fear JMP will still be here to warm things up.

So to change things up, beginning this week we will be focusing our biggest stars – JMP models. First off, big thanks to the all the pretty and professional models that we worked with this past year, it was a great round of fun and a learning experience.

-Trisha Lynn, if looks can kill this is what it looks like. A true professional to work with. She gives you looks faster than you camera snap, I was lucky to snap this just at the right time. I'd admit most the best shots were of her. Any pontential models out there, learn from her- there's a reason why she's the best in the industry.

-May Vang, smoking body, goregous eyes, and luscious lips. This was a reshoot, her first shot I felt wasn't doing her justice. We gotta put her in a dress and glam this girl up. Ms. Vang is perfect for the role- although I think the color of the dress can be bit different in design and color. The background bugged me the most about this photo.

*JMP is currently working a second edition of the calendar, we are actively looking for more models, cars, and sponsors- send in your suggestions.

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