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David's Last Blog entry - Dear JMP fans, thanks...

Dear Jmuag Production friends,

My name is David.  For those who don’t know me, we may have crossed paths during MAP’s Proving Grounds and other local events or you even read some of the articles I have written.  Well, pretty much I’m the guy who has been writing and covering some events for JMP the last couple of years.   I thought I’ll take a moment to tell you a little bit about myself and my time with JMP.

With my love for Japanese import cars and my love for anything dealing with art (poetry, photography, graffiti, etc…); JMP gave me a great opportunity to put most of my interests together.  I had the chance to take a lot of photos of local events and met a lot of good people in the process.  I have always been into photography since high school, but didn’t really learn the craft until I joined up with JMP.  It’s still a learning process, but the thing I learned the most during my time at JMP is to appreciate the craft.  Photography became another tool that I learned to use to express myself.  It became an easier outlet showing people my view of anything automotive; from the way how I saw at an engine bay to the early morning sunlight glowing around a gutted track-ready EVO.  It was these visions I wanted to share to the world and after it was all said and done, I got to paint a picture with words.  Something about cars has always been poetic-like to me, so switching from writing poems about life to writing a JMP feature about someone’s journey of finding themselves in a car build had always come easy to me.  I started writing poems and short stories since I was a kid and mixing that with my obsession about cars just made sense to me.  My writing was probably the best and only thing really worth mentioning that I contributed to JMP.

This is for sure not a “goodbye forever” kind of thing because I’ll still be around taking photos and writing.  But I’m sad to say that it will no longer be under JMP.  Neng has decided to part ways with JMP and I wouldn’t feel right in continuing the brand without him since he was the driving force behind everything.  This is something we’ve talked about and agreed upon.  But you never know, maybe one day we might come back in the future to do small feature or something.  Nothing is really forever, so for now, this is it. 

First and foremost I would like to say thank-you to Neng.  If it wasn’t for you, I’ll still be messing with some point-and-shoot camera trying to act like I know what I’m doing.  You gave me a platform to let me express exactly how I feel and share my art.  When I joined up with you, I didn’t think you would become such a great friend and you became exactly that.  Our times bullshitting over cars and pictures is something I’ll cherish and like I told you, if any time you decide to just want to shoot for fun, I’m there to help put it together.   I know we’ll continue our friendship outside of JMP, but I just want to say thank-you for everything you have done for me and for JMP.

To everyone, I would like to also say thank-you.  Thank you for all the kind words and the support over the years.  All the covers, features, and photoshoots we ever did were for all you guys and gals.  To everyone I met through JMP, rather it was for a shoot or during an event, most of ya’ are friends by now, but I just like to say “I’ll see ya’ around”.  If you liked my writing style or my photography and still want to follow me, I am now writing for and I’ve always been posting photos at

Jmuag Production.  It was a great and awesome ride.  I learned a lot from Neng, got inspired by everybody, met a ton of people, and I hope to continue on with that…

David “Vulocity” Vu

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i'll leave you with one of my all-time favorite JMP photo