Tuesday, November 11, 2014

JMP, Still

Sorry to keep you waiting. Its been a while- but a few changes coming. In the main time, enjoy this awesome shoot we wrapped up a few weeks ago. Thanks to Steve from Team Brooklyn for his time and this rare Datsun 510. It's 10x better in real life folks! Also special thanks to the ever fabulous Peria for being the perfect model. I don't think anyone could have pulled this off as well as she did.

Early as hell, I was very particular on the lighting. Thanks for being a good sport. 
I've been wanting to do this type of shot in a long time. Again, only Peria could pull this off.  

I love everything about this shot except the two background cars. I guess you can't plan for everything.

Smoking is sexy, let's bring that back.
Peace, until next time folks

More photos, click here

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