Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sothia's Civic : Intro to Team Shadowz Racing

It's been quite a while since I seen a Honda in full action. Ever since I got hooked on drifting I thought I would never looked back, and so I thought... My first sighting after a long while was at MAPerformance Proving Grounds event about 2 months ago, when I saw some kids tearing it up and actually hanging with all the high power hot rods and tuner shop race cars. It was pretty amazing that later into the finals, they were among the few imports that were still there. Team Shadowz Racing (TSR) is their group, and boy are they fast. I witnessed a full interior black coupe, no cage, and no crazy front end blasting through the drag strip and finishing off in 10.5 seconds-yes, 10 seconds! Later I would come to find out that that was only a single cam engine. Call me noob, but that's fucking incredible!

It was more stunning to find that they have a few more similar and potentially faster cars. After getting to meet TSR a bit more through Facebook exchanges, we agreed to meet at one of the MAPerformance Drift event this past weekend. Although the mid 10sec. car as mentioned was not able to make it, they did manage to bring Sothia's red coupe. To be honest, I wasn't impressed at first glance due to it's almost stock looking exterior. But as we progressed through the shoot and the more I learned about this car, the more I fell for it. This beast was built with lots of appreciation for simplicity, functionality, and lot of mean speed.

*to all those kids who think you need 4" exhaust to go fast, here's a 10s car with almost factory like size. Run and tell that, homeboy!

Here's the skinny on Team Shadowz Racing from their own words:

  • It started in spring of 2010.

  • Our mission? Hmmm I'm not even sure. I just know that when we go out as a team, we do our best out there not just by winning or being the fastest but to set a positive aura.

  • I want people to know that being a team is more than just a couple guys hanging together but to become a family.

  • We just want people to know that if we can do it, they can do it too.

  • If anyone see us at the track and need helps or tips, they are more than welcome to come ask us. We'll do the best we can to help them. Us hmong people need to unite and help each other more. Through this, we will be a force on the track to be reckon with. Just my thoughts lol

  • We're currently holding the record for Minnesota fastest d16 right now with a 10.52@135mph. Last year, we were able to set a record of 11.44@121 for a fully stock block d16.

*Sothia's car was built to be comfortable on the street but still able to put down some 10s. He also built the car as a gift to himself for all the hard work and times he gone through. Sothia civic was driven over 2 hours to Brainerd for the Map proving grounds and driven back, now that is what I call a real true street car. When I ran the 10 second in sothia car, it was on low boost at 450whp. His high boost is 646whp. We still haven't yet do a all out high boost run yet.

for larger pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/54306394@N07/sets/72157627390898214/


  1. DAmn Thats Sick! 10 Second Street car Damn! Made Me Jaws Dropped.

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  7. Gotta admit, not a huge Honda fan, but that is one seriously sick car. I love the sleeper look of it. Nice write up and pics.

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