Saturday, April 28, 2012

2012 MAP: Boost4Booboies short recap

A short little recap Modern Automotive Performance’s Boost4Boobies. Despite the rainy weather, this year’s fundraiser looked like it was a great success. For being my first time attending the event, I thought it was a great turn-out with all the people I saw. It’s good to know even with the rain and fingers-numbing temperature that people were willing to come out and support a great cause. I saw many great looking cars that looked like they had been waiting all winter to showcase and even the parking lot had some hidden gems in the sea of attendees’ vehicles.

Looking over the shoulders of people peering into the dyno room, you couldn’t help but hear the roar of Mustang or turbo blaring from a MR2. Seeing all the many faces being planted on a tv screen that hung above a wall, watching the dyno chart being made was a site to see in itself. The most difficult thing was probably just trying to see the car that was strapped onto the dyno over the crowd, but I can’t help being short (lol). Overall it looked like everyone was enjoying themselves watching the HP go up…up…and up.

Walking through the silent auction building, looking to actually bid on something, MAP provided many fine things on the table from parts they carried to services they provide. I couldn’t help to notice a few things I wanted to bid on, but you kinda had to have money to bid; so good thing I didn’t (haha).
So…big ups to MAP for throwing another successful Boost4Boobies and I hoped they reached their goal this year.


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  1. This is a great write up, mind if I share it on the Boost for Boobies wall?