Friday, May 2, 2014

Baby Steps at DD47

Awhile ago I stated that someday I would return as a driver, in fact was title for one of my past blog posted on 09/06/2011, and I kept my word. This past weekend I attended one of Club FR's drift event, Drift Day 47, located in Shawano Wisconsin. I want to give a special thanks to the Club FR crew for running a well organized and fun event. Besides the awesome track, the instructors there were very hopeful as well.

Drift-wise, I learned a great deal. By lunch I was able to pass their novice practice setup located in the parking lot and moved on to the more challenging racing course, which kicked my ass all day. But overall I had fun and awesome experience- hopefully I can make it to another one by the end of this summer....but damn, I just sold the car today! Time for some sedan clutch kicking! Now enjoy these kick ass photos by a good friend of mine, Montana Strait. Also make sure you check out Straitup D for some awesome custom vinyls.

Attacking the novice course
Of the few times I got it right on the track.
This looks cool, but I was actually spinning out. Lol, did a bunch of these and dirt kicking. 

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  1. Practice makes perfect. Keep it up brother. Props!