Thursday, June 3, 2010

Support your local drifter: Sam's progress Pt.2

In the spirit of supporting you local drifter, Jmuag Production has officially sponsored 2 drivers for this years drift competition: Sam Henry of Blaine Minnesota and Elvis Lee of St. paul.

First off, wanting to share this interview I had with Sam today:

Full Name: Samuel (Sam) Henry
Nickname: Papa Jiggy
Hometown: Luck, WI / Minneapolis, MN
Your drift car: caged/gutted S13.5 with a custom RB25DET power plant, welded diff, carbon fiber intake manifold, Billet 62/62 turbo, port and polish, built lower end, Haltech, stance coils, etc etc.
Your daily driver: 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee lol

1.How did you get into drifting?
Funny story, I started drifting in high school. I had a 95 S10 and would hit the Chippewa trail every day after school (a dirt road by my school in Wisconsin) and would powerslide the turns. Eventually I was linking the whole 2 mile stretch. I always gave kids rides after school and one day my friend said "Man you are good at drifting!".. I was like "what the hell is drifting?!"...needless to say- thats where things began for me.

2.What do you love about drifting?
For me its all about pushing myself as far as I can go. Thats how I have always been. Of course its a huge adrenalyn rush, but alot of what I like about it is that it reflects my personality. It seems like peoples personalities really show through with their driving style. My style shows who I am (in my opinion anyways lol) reserved at first, then fast paced, crazy and destructive! lol

3.How long have you been drifting?
Well technically since 11th grade in high school, but actually drifting a car and doing events and stuff -about 3 years or so.

4.What do you hope to get out of this season?
I really want to push my new set up and see what it has for me and I really, really want to bond with the team and have a good time like the good old days when we started out. Placing high and getting an invite to Irwindale in SoCal for the ProAm would be the awesome sauce! Play with the big dogs out there!

5.What’s the hardest part about drifting?
Self control and focus. They go hand in hand. If you dont have self control, things get out of focus real quick which can mean losing your intended line, or whatever else and hitting something. It happens all the time, for example @ La Crashe speedway. And if you can't focus- It's real hard to do anything properly.

6.How can I get into drifting?
Get a rear wheel drive, manual transmission car with some sort of differential (not open) and come to events. Look up for drift days, or just talk to me or Elvis and get set up at one of our Raceway park (Shakopee MN) practices. Everyone is real chill and would be more than happy to help out a beginer. Thats one of the most rewarding parts about drifting- watching/ helping people progress, and seeing that big smile on their face while they do it!

7.I know the journey hasn’t been easy, any special thanks?
Elite Autosport, Elvis @Team Sidebyside (for some SICK porting and polishing!), my girls, Chris Skow (Fabrication) , Matt Hansen (Paint) and the rest of the men and women from EP/DC! And last but not least, you guys! Jmuag has already played an awesome roll in all of this! Thanks!

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