Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Support your local drifter: Sam's progress Pt.1

Get on board people and get yourself a 'no tusab' translate 'no thief' decal. That turbo is bigger then my head.

Where do I start? too much to list, this one of the sickest s13 around. The owner is pretty hard-core himself, not everyday you hear em in the same sentence. No way, is this car garaged, it's a 'go getta,' 'smack in your face' kind of car. We just like to glam it up while we still can.

Lol, those taillights are Sam's secret weapon, and good luck if you're behind- sh!t might blind to death. Aside from the humongous turbo, this beast is powered by RB25 of a jdm skyline. The carbon fiber mani is beyond amazing, need more info. who is the genius behind this? Also, check out the head work, full-race port and polish- good ups to Elvis of SBS Performance (the other Jmuag sponsored driver, stay tune coverage coming soon). Elvis, hurry the f* up!!!

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