Friday, July 23, 2010

2nd chance...this time out for blood

First of all, I'm a car fan and as a fan I'm in love with anything that mechanically moves. So yes, I got love for my Hondas too. Been secretly working on this piece of work for the past months here, and shooting to debut on August 21st for the CHAT Art Festivals on the 21st. It'll probably outshine the Jmuag mobile (lied). The theme for this sucker will be simplicity and stance. Don't count on seeing rare- nobody- gives- a- shit JDM parts. The owner is out for blood and looking to erase this car's trouble past of tubsab rape.

Chassis is a 91 DX Hatch. Head is full race ported by Elvis at SbS Performances with some shiny internals, wired tucked and fender rolled with some 16x8 0 offset slammed by yours truly. It's west coast for the most part, but sex with Jmuag. Currently in market for a fat ass lip- suggestions?

*Can't till we get the valve cover back from Primo Performance, it'll drop panties I promise.

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