Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Shakopee Raceway and Epdc invited Jmuag for some friday night fun. It was a blast- big ups for the invite. If you haven't been out there- GO! The people are down to earth friendly and serious when it comes to motorsports. The drift demos is one of the loudest and more exciting. Some fans are on their toes wanting to catch every moment.

yes, yes!

Not over till the fat lady sings

"I will never drive another person's car man"

me likey...

"I'm killing it!"

"I'm doing about 55 mph +"

Eric blowing smokes

"so easy even a cave man can do it..."

Stay tune for part 2, the girls are next


  1. was a fun night! Glad you guys could be there. Looking forward to some crazy action in 3 weeks. Seriously, that shit is gonna blow up!

    you guys rule!


  2. thank for the support.. keep up the good work!!