Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Local Feature: Brandon Reinert

Here's a poster that will smack all posters in the face- so tear down those rainbow-like Justin Bieber posters and replace it with this kids:
In my quest to become drift king (1/10 scale), in which I'm failing miserably, I met up with Brandon. A long time and excellent drifter, Brandon has an amazing eye for photography. This is one kickass photo Brandon took, and loving the editing work. Not only is this photo epic, the cars are beyond awesome, not your typical blings blings or posers, these are real drift on cars on the street yo! If you saw this in real life, you'd jizzed all over too.

You can see more work of Brandon's work on facebook.

To get your own copy contact Brandon Reinert, 952.465.9936 or breinert85@gmail.com
prints that are 11x16 i am selling for $25. other sizes available too.

*now, also offer in 20 inch x 30 inch prints for $20 bucks!

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