Sunday, September 19, 2010

NOS Midwest Drift Recap

The NOS Drift event this weekend was a hit, I don't think I've ever seen a drift event with as much spectators and drivers before. This was definitely a success created by Eric Moen of EPDC, good ups bro. In total there were 30 plus drivers and about 26 who competed.

Eric Moen, although there was no class for it, he'd win 'Best in Show.'

Afternoon were open for practice, I had been excited all week and once I heard the track was open, I was first in line. My first event of all year with new car. Overall, another step in my learning. With no PS in I attacked the banks, failed, but was able to connect half way.

For you guys that missed it (you suck), it was an epic battle between few of the top local drifters from well respected teams as predicted. Congrats to the top three standings, Kevin, Sam, and Dave, in the respected order.
*1st place winner, Kevin Hilgers of TMF. I call him, " Mr. Smooth Operator" very consistent and smooth drifting

Finally got to see one of the most wicked drift car in Minnesota, maybe even in US. Here's a shot of Keith and his unbelievable Toyota Cressida:

In that same respect, Sam of EPDC received standing ovation for his debut after a long and challenging build. Not only did he get the car done the night before, he took second in the competition-amazing. FYI, this is the same car that in the JMP t-shirt, calendar, and soon to be release poster.

Speaking of JMP cars, here's another one. It's Elvis Lee of Team SbS. The only Hmong kid who has the talent and balls to compete in this competition. His car, like Sam's, just done the night before. Elvis was having issues all night, but qualified to top 16. Great Job buddy!

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