Monday, September 27, 2010

Squeezing the Last Drop of Summer, part 2

*Phia of BC, one of the new persons I've meet in past 2 weeks here. Very cool guy fo sho.

*Phia's weekend warrior

* Going from budget to no budget, check out this top of the line and hella sweet 350z breaking in his tires. Brand new tires and smoking it means mad torque

*Forgot this kids name, hella nice guy though. Sounds like his car and him has been through hell. Congrats on getting it done and getting on the tracks. This s14 is equipped with a RB25 and running on E85- did I mention he's good as well.
* Elvis Lee of Team SbS , still working on his kinks and suspension set up. Eventually he would bend is tie-rod, but look pretty impressive on his last run.
*Kou of BC, taking the manly line. Very consistent driver, look out for him in future events.
*forgot name as well, I suck. Beautiful and very clean JDM s13. I believe this was his first event-welcome.
*Big boys at play- Audi and Sam giving the crowd what they want- tandem run
*Chao of Team SbS, getting better every run. Loving the 1jz sound too.

*Me attacking the bank best I know how

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