Monday, September 27, 2010

Squeezing the Last Drop of Summer

For the second straight weekend, I've survived on NOS drinks. In recap weekend was a blast. Saturday, despite the rain prediction, went to Raceway in Shakopee for some drift practices. Later that night got smashed pretty good. Following day, in support of a homie, Jared, attended the 2nd annual Nissan and Infinity Meet.

Raceway: To my surprise there were a lot of drivers, I think the drift scene is starting to pick up a bit. Always happy to see other drivers and especially new faces. Saw some great drifting out there, couple more events and most of these drivers (including myself) will be made.
-Photos by David Vu -Edited by JMP

-photos by David Vue -Edited by JMP
*EPDC's Audi is made.

Drunken Night: Thanks for the nice nap.

Nissan and Infiniti Meet: In any situations good weather, friends, and cars is a win. It was even a more win to see Jmuag Girls there ( failed, no pics). Otherwise, cars were badass. Big ups to Jared Levine of JWL Photography for setting it up.

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