Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm Not a Fanboy Nor Am I a Poser

A buddy of mine once told me that car shows are for "gay people" and posers. This summer alone I attended 4 car shows, and intially I was excited but now I'm starting to see his point. Too much do I hear discussions about my/your parts this, JDM that, I think this, and I think that...after a while it does seem kinda "gay." Not to mention, you can't drive your car fast, can't rev, and etc. It's kind like watching a flag football game, utterly dissappointing. Case close? not even close.

What my friend failed to realize is that we are humans, and as humans we like to socialize. It is truley nice to see and talk to others who have the same passion as I do for cars- wheather it be to drift, drag, auto cross, street, or collector. Car shows are a great resource for us to connect with one another and for us to share knowledge. To those who think car shows are a gate way to getting your vehicle stolen- think again, the more exposure you car gets the less likely it'll get stolen.

Better yet, I urge and challenge anyone to bring these two opposing views together. Not that all car shows should be set up this way, but I want to see more race and car show events. If anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about log to Hellaflush.com and visit their "Klas Sik" event. This way it would replace cops (opportunists) with ambulances, talking into doing, and photoGs can actually get great worthy shots. Just my two cents.

-Neng Her (JMP)

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