Friday, October 22, 2010

News Update: Novemer Poster

So the deadline is late November, but from the looks of things it may push back- crossing fingers that it won't be the case. But that's what happens when you got 3-4 hands on this project. What's worst, my printer has seem to disappear and currently is no where to be found- WTF! Also, waiting on Ricki for the final touches, however, anything that Ricki does is worth the wait.

Lots of questions about cost of the poster. At the moment, they are free to the public, depending the the level of success in sponsorship/ advertise money we get. Then again, don't be surprise we decided to charge them, but it would be very minimal, like $1.

But have no fear, I won't leave you empty handed today. Here's a little work I did last week, you can expect the same kind of style from the poster too.

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