Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting Closer

In keeping with promises, JMP is closer in releasing another print for the winter season here. For this huge project, we collaborated with a photography and make up artist group, Aleen and Luci Photography. Currently the poster is getting some last minute TLC and it’s off to print, then more editing from there as well. Also as promised, (thanks for the prompt responds all ten spots were booked by end of day) those first ten people that emailed are getting the first edition of the print and as well as the final market version.

Note: The poster takes some getting use to. It's very extreme and not what you expect from traditional photography. Like Dana said, we do our own thing. But it's a JMP signature and our uniqueness we like to bring out- most importantly, it was a very fun project.

Please view the poster and send in your suggestions and opinions:

*Currently we are looking for advertisers for the poster. Our plan is to print over a thousand copies and sell them for $1 a piece. Please email JMP if you're interested.

**Special thanks to Elite Autosport, Sam Henry(240sx), and Dana (Red S2k) for making it possible and your patience. Big Thanks to Ricki Vang, JMP Designer/ Photographer/ Editor, yet another wonderful performance and creativity.

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