Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Drift Bash

Big thanks to Elvis and Sam for setting yet another sucessful event. This time the crowd was larger and drivers were better (with exception of me). I was too focused on driving and didn't get to shoot much- but one fellow friend tried his best, so no smoke shots from me this time. -enjoy.

*again, no smoke shots but this kid was blowing pink smoke all over

*Matt of SbS snapped a timing belt on his Z, but proved that he drifts best without power steering.

*the Raging Bull, show stopper off and on the track

* wasn't drifting but unique to see, only once in a blue moon

*If you thought drifting were full of macho dudes, guess again.

* my personal favorite, wish I snapped more of it

*One of the best drifting I've seen at raceway, this s13 is no joke

*grippy all day, thanks to audi on the suspension tip I was able to get her to loose a bit.
-photo by Steven Xiong, edited by JMP


  1. i really love this blog! keep it goin neng!

  2. thanks for the encouragement, send in you photos and I'll some of them up bro.

  3. Nice Pix Neng FR: Tou Mong Vue

  4. i always check your blog everyday homie.

    good to see that someone out there brought their beautiful lady with to watch the action!

  5. that is a beautiful lady, working on getting on some JMP labels.