Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 Highlights and Trial/Errors, Part 1

2010 is not yet over, but it's been an amazing year. A year of great experiences of trials and errors for JMP. As editor, I am my worst critic- I actually care about the future of JMP want to play with the big boys one day. Although these are some great moments we accomplished this year, I feel that they could be done better, fortunately I have a luxury of using the "first year" excuse (not true for next year):

*Drift weekends at Shakopee Raceway were incredible. Perfect opportunity to learn the sport, it was close, very affordable, and the people there are truly nice. Happy that these events are starting to pick up in crowds and as well drivers. My only complaint is that Mic, the manager of the track, could be a bit more media friendly- I should talk to him an official press access for 2011.

*Nos Drift Competition was an amazing experience. The crowd was large and overall 30 drivers participated-best, I got to see some of the best drift machines in the upper midwest area. It was a trial and error moment for me because it was my first time shooting the Mark II and I was not prepared all, low battery and memory owned me that night. I think it could have been better covered, great lost of opportunity for great photos.

*the "400whp Arguement' Project, JMP first official (maybe, last of the year) photoshoot since spring. Another trial and error moment, although the shots came out very nice- they were not what I had hope for. Currently, the project is having some difficulties in printing. The sponsorship is there but printing process seems to be an issue- side note: can people just do their GOD DAMN JOBS these days, fuck!?

-Next : Part 2, the exposure

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