Friday, December 10, 2010

Guest Feature: Jared Levine

In celebration of this year coming to a close, I thought it would be great to feature one of my favorite photographer, Jared Levine. Probably one of the hardest working photographer I know, attending most of the local auto shows/meets and even hosting his own events. His passion for automotive, sports, and photography is both inspiring and vibrant and it shows in his work. In addition, his attention to color, detail, and motion is unique and captivating. Not only is he talented, he lives the life he shoots- that's a lot of points in my book. Looks like it was a great year, and 2011 will even be better for Mr. Levine!

(Cole Komma – Boneless Handplant and Alek Binder)

Hey I’m Jared Levine. I’ve been a freelance photographer for a bout 5 years. My hobbies outside of photography are snowboarding, skateboarding, drawing, playing soccer and doing almost anything car related. I shoot mostly automotive, and sports but do a bit of portraiture on the side. I attended the Perpich Center for the Arts fro my 11th grade year in the media arts program. I have shot photos for, 3rd Lair Skatepark, and currently am a photographer for Aberrant Clothing and Lee Greenwich Clothing.

(Colton Ray’s Datsun 510, featured on

Summer of 2010 was the big kick of my getting into the automotive scene. Shooting Colton Ray’s Datsun 510 which was featured HellaFlush’s website was the start of me deciding that automotive photography was going to be a major part of my career. I attended probably 7 or 8 car meets and hosted the 2nd Annual Nissan/Infiniti meet with J-Muag Productions which had an amazing turnout, and everything from 280z’s to modded Altima’s to a GTR with a Tommykaira dry carbon bodykit. My friend John Krueger and I have also started the I’mSTANCED Car Club to display the art of wheel fitment in the Upper-Midwest, so expect big things for 2011 summer. The car scene, as most know, is filled with HUNDREDS of clubs, crews, etc. With all these new clubs and such, of course fad’s fade in and out, but the Upper-Midwest has slowly but surely been growing. Ever since the 50’s and 60’s people have been meeting up at Porky’s on weekend nights until the wee hours of the morning. Nowadays, you can see everything there from imports to classic muscle, which is great and what I love. My favorite thing about the car scene is that it allows people to display themselves via their car, whether you’re a drag racer, drifter, or just drive a clean cruiser everyone’s car and style is different. Currently, I am deeply involved in the “stanced” car scene, and am hoping next summer to go to a few events out of state, and go to drag races to shoot photos and to more drift events to shoot.

(Kihndyn Peters – Late Backside 180 – Hyland Hills 2010 Season)

Of course I wouldn’t be anywhere without the help, and encouragement of my peers, and relatives.

(Porsche Spyder – Cars and CafĂ© 2010)

To see more of my work check out
To inquire about photoshoots, or order prints email me at
Thanks for reading, much love!!
Jared Levine

(Erik Peterson’s Civic SI EP3)

(Alek Binder – Backside Noseslide Grab - Hyland Hills 2011 Season)

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