Monday, December 27, 2010

Part 2: the Exposure

I think I've beaten the subject beyond recognizable, but here another and last blog about 2010. It has been a great summer, I've kept myself active and attended over 12 different car events including the drift events. The following are mini car shows that I attended/hosted over the summer:

-Some fans showing love for JMP Model Mai Khou at the July 4th calendar debute. Mai showed up late, but didn't stop these guys from coming back to get her autograph.

-Chilling at the Chat JMP Auto Show. My good buddies Brandon, Jim, and Justin introduced a few kids to RC drift. I Wanna see more Hondas repping!

-Watching Colin of EPDC do some drift tricks at one of their regular Friday drift demo nights at Shakopee Speedway. Yes, that's a foot sticking out.

-Shooting something different and enjoying all the cars that showed up in support of the race track proposal at Running Aces. Big ups to Troy of Rice Killers for setting up the event.

-Speaking of Rice Killers, chilled at a few of these events. Kudos to the hardcore fans who attended them every Mondays nights.

- Supported a buddy, Jared, in his 2nd annual Nissan/Infiniti Meet. The weather was nice but the cars were even nicer. where else are you going to see RB swaps like no tomorrow, JDM Skylines, and the baddest 350s in the same parking lot? See ya next year.

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