Saturday, December 4, 2010

Straight From the Dragoon's Mouth: 2011 Considerations

Aside from the many projects JMP is undertaking, I'm always looking forward for the next thing, and constantly asking myself why I do what I do. These are thoughts are constantly in battle inside me. By some coincidence, a friend emailed me a link of a video by some kid name Levi Maestro. I don't know what was his intention for sending it, but I have a feeling he knows me too well. This video speaks to me in so many ways, Mr. Maestro is an excellent journalist and film photographer. This video takes you behind the sport of Formula D, showing its struggles and triumphs- but most importantly, it reenergizes me to do what I do everyday. Aside from the promotional work, JMP is in it for the love of sport automotives- everything else just pays the bill.

JMP's main objective in year one is branding, but it's not as simple as it sounds in today's market. As any company you don't want just be another copycat, staying fresh and unique is key, like Hellaflush/Fatlace is to Super Street Magazine, or Air Jordans is to Nike.. In the words of a great motivator, Eric Thomas, "...take the brand hostage" (thanks little bro). So when little Hmong kids are swearing off there mouths and say "ntsej muag" you'll think of "Jmuag Production," or when people ask if you know any Hmong words you'll say, "jmuag".

Throughout the year I received a lot of suggestions about what kind of cars we should shoot and how I can make JMP more universal. Although these are valid points, the truth is that it's not as easy as it sounds. Beyond the financial issues, there's the scary word, legalistic. At the moment, I'm more concern in the quality of work. If the quality is good the rest will follow is my model.

I've always said that 2011 will be different, although 2010 was fast it's more than enough time to learn from your mistakes. Of the few hundreds we shot from our last shoots we've only released only a handful, not that they weren't good but because they've been done before. It's gotta have the JMP touch, or something that the audiences can indentify us by. 2011 will be a 'make it break it' year for JMP, it's a extremely expensive to operate as a production considering the number of variables we deal with in every project. In conclusion 2011, as me as you Chief editor, you can expect the very best out of JMP- not kidding.

...When I'm shooting and cutting together my videos I'm extremely focused and decisions are based on feelings. The moment we press play all aggressiveness unfolds, emotions ensues, and an art is born. This is killing it softly. - Levi Masestro

-Neng Her, JMP Editor

KILLING it SOFTLY from levi maestro on Vimeo.

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  1. Such a great video, and a very talented dude!