Thursday, January 6, 2011

Guest Feature: Sam Henry pt.2

Behind every great driver is an awesome team of support, I'm not talking about families and friends here- specifically, sponsors. These are people who can take away the distraction of life's everyday bullshits, giving a driver a clear headed mind to focus on his/her skill set only. This is what separates the pros from the Joes. But easy said than done, to even get an pontential sponsor to left their eyebrow takes immense talent and not to mention years of practice and struggle.

From my short time of following drift, I can tell Sam Henry has what it takes for the next level. His driving is a mixture of emotion, confidence, and with lightning reflexes to counter any situations. I've always believed/said that Minnesota is too small for Mr. Henry- this kid is Formula D bond. In recap, 2010 season, although was short due mechanical issues, he still manage to finish the car the night before the competition. Amazingly, with only two laps to practice, he finished as running up among 30 drivers at the NOS Midwest Drift Competition.

In celebration of this great accomplishment, JMP decides to recap our interview with from Mr. Henry:

Who is Sam Henry?
I'm a homegrown 24 year old country boy struggling to stay urban lol (you'll get that joke after a while....)

Besides driving, what's the hardest part about drifitng?
Definitely finances. Since there aren't many cheap events in the midwest yet, it really takes a toll on the pocket book. Especially once you get serious about it. Tyres, lodging, fuel, truck, trailer, event all adds up extremely quick. Determine what you want to do with it and just have fun. Whether it be trying to go pro, or just welding a diff on a stock 240- just have fun. I havent heard it enough times. Seriously. "keep drifting fun" otherwise, whats the point?! Figure out your definition of fun and go for it.

I see a lot of styles of drifting, what yours and advice for beginners?
Focus on the basics. The big thing that I stress is "don't get ahead of yourself". Its not a cheap sport and the consequences can be greusome; financially, physically, and mentally.
For beginners- get your doughnuts down. do tight ones, big sweeping ones and intertwine them. Once you get that down- go do some figure eights the same way. It teaches you how to transfer weight and energy. One of the key fundamentals of drifting (in my opinion).

Where can we see ya drift this summer?
I think myself along with the rest of Empty Pockets Drift Crew are gonna expand our horizons this year and actually make alot of events as a whole team! Midwest Drift Union down in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio etc. is gonna be awesome. Along with the good old Midwest Cup in Wisconsin, Minnesota etc.
We will be hosting the NOS energy drink/93x drift events again this year. (Thats right... more than one...) along with The Import Shootout up in Brainerd. That place is a freekin circus. come out and have a few beers- on us!

-The Raging Bull pleasing the crowd

Who is your favorite drifter? inspiration? music?
Vaughn Gittin Jr. - American drifting icon. Inspiration is the need to melt tires and drive fast. Who doesnt like being an animal once in a while...Music changes daily. I love my Soulfly, Hed(PE), Lamb of God, house techno, dance, and Lynard Skynard! lolhow many years have you been drifting?
This will be my 4th or 5th year.

How many cars have you crashed?
Put her in the ditch a couple times, hit a few hay bails, but never really crashed. You asshole! this question is gonna jynx me! LOL just kidding. At the last event I got a little cocky with both hands out the window on the bank at raceway... love tapped the wall head on and scuffed up my s15 lights and dented my intercooler. Close Call! but sooooo exciting lol... bwwwaahhhh!!!

Proudest moment on the track?
Wisconsin Dells Demo. First time tandeming with strangers. The crowd was nuts! Seeing that many people excited about the same thing is insane. Best night of my life!

-Sam in atttack mode

How's your foundation, family wise?
My wife loves it, but hates how much I have to sacrifice to live the lifestyle that I do. Its amazing having a wife so cool! In the words of Seabass - wine em, dine em, sixtynine em! lol..

Sam in 3 years? 10 years?
3 years- competing still. 10 years- fat, balding, bankrupt and on my 3rd marriage and addicted to Mcribb sandwiches... lol jk

If no budget, what car would you drift with?
Probably a 4 rotor FD. Listen to them. Enough said.

-Struggling days, too bad the carbo didn't work out

Thanks for your time and an awesome interview. Please come along for the 2011 season, it's gonna be fun!
EP/DC 2011 !!!!!!!!

*Thanks for a great year and looking forward to working with you again. -JMP

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