Monday, January 10, 2011

Guest Feature: Tou Lee

A few months, after my practice sessions at Raceway, I looked around the internet and stumble on some very nice photos my car. At the time, I didn't know who he was...later to find out it was a fellow photo enthusiast by the name of Tou Lee. Mr. Lee has a unique style of photography highlighting colors with dramatic details in such a way that it complicates even the simplest frames- I love it. Looks great so far-keep pounding away brother.

a.k.a Djtydus as to some of the locals here know me back then, I use to Dj at club and parties such as Club2k and some parties at UofM. After some time i moved on to the racing scene and that's where i started to pick up photography from some friends of mine, never really was into it until i started to take some of my photos by myself and well that's where my new hobbie and career started. picked up skills here and there and started to use my creative arts from there on, My life Started with Cars and then on to landscape, personal photo shoot. That's when i decided to change my path again and try something else(Tydus Photography) not the best yet but with money save and equipments to come, I'm sure ill be up there with the other photography guys. I'm a nice cool guy so hope to make more friends out there and meet others as well. And yes I'm Hmong LOL..

For more photos, please log to Mr. Lee's Flickr at:

follow Facebook at:!/tydusphotography

also, visit personal website at:

To contact Mr. Lee for a private shoot:
Phone # (651)239-0823

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