Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Over the year, we've received lots of emails and questions about the how,what,and how questions about JMP. In summary, after discussing it more in details as a group, we thought we share our responses.

What exactly do you guys do?
What ever we like, its the brainchild of 4 individuals for the love of art, cars, and modeling. To pay bills, we advertise our selves as a promoting and advertising group. Currently, talking to a music band in doing a music video.

What are your rates on designs?
$150: logo enhancement/create or single misc. design (flyer, poster, and etc.)
$300: package include logo design and press release (can inculde video, tshirt design, and internet gif/flash file and internet links from our blog)

Can you guys shoot my car, my high school pictures, or use me as model -and for how much? (from different emails)

...my car?
We'll let you know

....high school pictures?
Contact Ricki (photographer) and Pa Xia (Make Up Artist) for rates. JMP does not do private photo sessions.

We'll let you know

JMP doesn't charge for a photo-shoot in return we ask for full rights and purposes to all photos. You will receive copies only on special request.

Why don't you guys shoot Hondas/Acuras?
We would love the opportunity, but there were no requests at the time. We are just now getting a lot of request from Honda drivers, so we'll sort them out eventually.

Are you guys only into drift?
No, this year we've added some photo journalists who will make it to local race events (drift, drag, auto x, and rally ) and report on the blog- stay tune.

What are you guys doing for this summer (2011)?
This year JMP is heading a bit different direction, more focus on jounarlism, track cars, and less models and print projects. In detail:
(1) not release a 2011 calendar
(2) less models shoots, maybe only 2-3 models
(3) track cars, we'll follow a few drivers in drag, drift, rally, and auto x
(4) hosting and collabrating on car shows and meets (Jared's Nissan/Infinity, CHATs Art Show, RKC meets)

How can I be a part of JMP?
We are always open for help- interested in talented media artists and writers. Staff makes little to no money, its all for the love of the sport. We use JMP as a way for us to perfect our career skills- not a money making machine.
*Financially, we are always seeking sponsorships and advertisors for our blog and future projects.

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  1. you should cover some of the ice racing events!