Friday, February 18, 2011

JMP New Collabration

Behind every great modern driver is a media group. Among other things, JMP is happy to announce we will be flollowing three Minnesota drifters. Stay tune for some fancy media work. First, I want to introduce Max Crocker of Fargo Minnesota.
As the 2010 drift season came to an end, I knew that I wanted to pursue bigger and better things. In the 2011 season I am going to work very hard to obtain FormulaD and DMCC pro licenses. I plan on running a full XDC ( schedule and Midwest Cup series to do so. Along with as many DMCC events that time allows.

I will be working to create and build a large local drift community. I want to bring national attention to North Dakota, my team, and my sponsors.


I am a huge automotive and motorsport enthusiast. By day I am a heavy duty diesel Technician. I work on over the road semi trucks. When I am not working or spending time with my family, I dedicate my time to the automotive scene. Whether it be setting up local meets or attending local race events.

In 2009 I owned and drifted a 1987 Mazda Rx7 T2. I currently own and drifted 1993 Nissan Skyline r33. I am in the process of building a 1993 Mazda rx7 FD3S for the 2011 XDC/FormulaD/DMCC season.

I have attended many car shows, automotive meets, and motorsport events. I will continue to do so in 2011.


4th place at MA Performance Proving grounds 2010 in Brainerd, MN.
6th place at the NOS Energy Drink and 93x drift event in Shakopee, MN

Current Sponsors
Tintmasters Motorsports Fargo, ND (Chassis and Labor)
Sakurajima Express Winnipeg, Manitoba (Hard to find parts, and wheels from Japan)

Last words
2011 season is going to be action packed and filled with great improvement. I really think I would be a huge benefit to you as my goals are high but very reachable. I am very committed to this and it has become part of my life. With your help in 2011 will be out of this world. I cannot wait to make you proud.


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