Monday, March 14, 2011

2nd Edition: Go Hard

About One week ago, we released a sample of the “Go Hard” t-shirt design on Face Book and opened for opinions. We made a decision not to explain/defend the design of the shirt at all; instead it was purely an opinionated survey. Within two days we got over 30 remarks with the majority in the nays, and only 4 out of 14 liked it. Thanks for the responses, now here’s JMP’s explanation.

I’ll admit the design may take a bit to get used to, but we wanted to make this shirt for the car fans; something that someone can proudly stand out at the track and in the office. Although it features a drift car (Eric Moen of EPDC), the picture is pretty neutral, but we felt it could reach out to anyone in the automotive sport; can’t go wrong with tire smoke. Also, there’s is no mention of our name or logo, this one’s purely for you. The phrase “go hard” says it all too, it’s a phrase many athletes are familiar with, but and we figured might serve as motivation for most people in their daily struggles. Go hard!

One would think with over 80% in the negatives, we should change the design- but did oil companies lower gas prices when idiots decided to protests? No! Or did Gov. Walker of Wisconsin listen as hippies took to the streets? No! All kid on side, although some minor changes and additions might be needed, overall, we LOVE the design. Please tune in for update and t-shirt releases in late spring.

*Again, thanks to all those who commented

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