Monday, March 7, 2011

Elite Auto Engineering Solving All Your Turbo Needs

I paid a visit to my old buddies at Elite Auto Engineering, no longer "Elite Autosport." Lots have been changed since the year, not only physically but also from a business stand point, hence the “engineering”. The shop space has been renovated for efficiency purposes. Once were a lot of car, turbo, and miscellaneous race parts lying around- it’s now been replaced with large heavy machineries. These machines are the very reasons why the "engineering" has been incorporated into their new name, and has allow them produce rare race parts and accessories for any custom turbo setup. I failed to save some of the photos I did of some of their finished products- but did managed steal this badass turbo setup for the Genesis off their new website. Keep up the good work guys!

Fortunately, I didn't delete the 510 photos:

*for more information please visit their website at the bottom of the screen or click on:

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