Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A GS300's Stance in Progress

I just love how some cars are so bomb themselves that all you gotta work on is stance. Here’s a ’99 GS300 with a bit of drift touch. I love these particular year and model with a passion- its wide body and the already beefed fenders are"winnings". Also, the JZ motor is another big plus.

The car belongs to my brother, who happened to park at my house one Friday evening. He knows how much I love this car, and when he left for some errands- I waited till the sun came down a bit and pulled out the camera made her work for me. Now only if I had the key…

-sexy and pretty wicked

-maybe some spacers would help bro.

-"blah blah only Rotas?" (I hear fanboy rants)

-Joy ride!

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