Monday, March 21, 2011

Return of the Champ: Samuel Henry

JMP is proud to announce our second sponsor driver of 2011, the returning champ, Samuel Henry. Mr. Henry never fails to disappoint and this year, he’s given us a more reason to cheer. The powerful and terrifying sounding RB25 has been sold off and instead a true American legendary beast machine, Corvette Z06, has been swapped in.

However, the change did not come with an ease, facing a fast approaching due date and surprising mechanically stumps, Mr. Henry is forced to work on the car throughout a few sleepless nights and weekends. With such little time and a brand new setup (pretty much a new car), one might worry about his debut in two weeks, but Mr. Henry is a natural and will do great as proven at last year’s NOS competition.

-Getting to know these guys more, and they are some of the coolest dudes/ shops I know.

Audi is the best sidekick anyone can have, I'm so jealous. If only JMP has a dedicated sidekick...

-You know that you're made when: (1) there's a model next to your car [check] (2) groupies wearing you [check]

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