Tuesday, March 29, 2011

JMP Driver #3: Audi Riza

JMP is proud to reveal our third sponsor driver, Audi Riza of EPDC. For those who don't know it, Mr. Riza is a reliable tandem partner of Sam Henry, and seems to be his ultimate counterpart on the track. Both drivers display a high level of driving skils and are amazing to watch, but Audi’s roughness, speed, and high pitch BOV is enough to get any fan-boy off their seats. If you don’t believe me, consider this, this will be his third year in drifting and his third chassis already. But before you jump to any conclusion, Mr. Riza has a long history in automotive sport extending to his days in the parking lots auto-crossing; he knows how to drive, but understands that drifting is about taking chance and pushes it every mother fucking time.

The first official Midwest Pro Am drift event will happen this Sunday in Indiana, the weeks of waiting has turned into just days now. Knowing Audi’s unforgiving style of driving, I thought I take a couple of snaps before this beautiful machine sees the track again. GOOD LUCK this weekend buddy!

Audi Riza (choo choo train), 91 s13 KA-T

1. How did you get into drifting? i got into drifting because i always like racing sport. i was in to autocross for about 5 years and my best friend "Nick Han" heard about drifting, we decide to try drifting instead of autocrossing that year and hooked till now.

2. great accomplishments in drifting? i haven't really gone to a lot of competition, just a lot of practice. but i took 5th qualy and 5th on the comp in NOS/93x event. and will have better this year.

3. how many wreck(s) have you gotten? and the worst one? i've wrecked 3 cars so far. the worst one would be my third chassis, hit the wall in Elko "meshown" backward about 45mph for qualifying. the crash lift the rear driver side and broke the exhaust, rear windshield and seat bracket. took the exhaust out, fix the seat and drift again!

4. you seem to have a unique style- how can you best describe it? i never thought that i have a unique style of drifting, but i drift my hardest, or some say balls to the wall. if the car cant continue drift at 65mph entry then try 75mph.

5. any advice to anyone wanting to drift? drifting is a really fun and challenging sport. just like living your life. set your mind, dont quit after the first crash or accident, it will hurt your body and your wallet, but that is part of the game. DREAM to your wildest dream! and let's DRIFT

6. Where can we find you drifting this year? this season i'll be at NOS drift events in raceway park, MAP proving ground in BIR, some of MDU events and ClubFR events. see you there! call me!

7. where do you wanna be in next year or so as far as drifting? next year will be my real proving ground. trying to be in the competition and win it. bigger competition year after that and so on, till i get my invitation to Irwindale, CA and joining formula D.

8. Any rants or shout outs? let me have a shout out to JMP for doin this for me and being one of your driver(thanks bro), EPDC thanks for the brotherhood(that's sound lame, no one use word brotherhood anymore, but anyway..) especially SAM JIGGY thanks for everything, love you(no homo). Primo Performance. And thanks to everyone that helps me! Yeah you!

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