Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hardest Working Drift Crew out of Minnesota, EPDC

Just sitting here @ the office. A little bit frustrated about the atmosphere around here so I figured I’d let my mind stray for a little while….

Thinking about the up and coming drift season makes my chest race. Seriously. I know that if you are a drifting nut job like one of us, you will completely feel where I’m coming from. On a weekly basis I will be driving to one of my appointments and I will be in such a deep state of mind visualizing being on the track in certain scenarios that make my chest flutter so much that I nearly drive off of the road.

2011 should be a pretty exciting and VERY busy year with lots of venues. I can’t stress how many venues/events there will be. Everything from Practice at Raceway Park to MAPerformance Proving Grounds @ BIR on June 25th & 26th.The Midwest Cup series sneaking back over to Elko and Even La Crosse WI (or as I call it “LaCrashe”). Don’t forget about the NOS Events either. I will just say that there will be a few this year…as a series!!!!!, so get ready and have an ambulance near by after you have a mini stroke from consuming so damn many NOS Energy Drinks. TANDEMONIUM!!! BWWAAHHH!!!!!

A lot of us plan on making it to events outside of the nest as well. Such as the Midwest Drift Union/Formula D Pro Am series. Events include:April 3 - Sportsdrome Speedway: Jeffersonville, IndianaMay 15 - Autocity Speedway: Clio, MichiganJuly9 - Lucas Oil Raceway: Indianapolis, IndianaAugust 21 - Nashville Super Speedway: Nashville, TennesseeSeptember 17 - Kilkare Speedway (Street Life Tour): Xenia, OhioThis series should be packed with top drivers from the Midwest, seems like its going to be the “Big Pond” for this season. Top competitors this season get an invite out to Irwindale, CA to compete for their FormulaD Professional licenses.

As far as an Empty Pockets Drift Crew update goes:

Collin Melody –A few weeks agao, him and a few of the guys went up to Matt’s shop in Wisconsin for an extreme paint job. About 16 hours went into this with limited body work. Let me tell you, this is an awesome paint job for Collin’s Drift car. I’ve seen 30+ hour paint jobs that have less attention to detail. Pictures do not do this thing justice. The yellow is so intense that it almost hurts a person’s eyes..He still has a bit of work left- building a KA24E-T that’s going to be a total monster. 400whp+???? We will see!

Eric Moen- Building his KA24E-T as well, shooting for big numbers on a brand new Precision turbo. Eric and Collin should be a pair of nut jobs to watch out for this year. The green dinosaur is going to be meaner than ever on a sick tune!

Adam Montante- Building his KA24DE-T. Ditched the SR at the end of last year for some KA24 Torque!. Shooting for big numbers and maybe some fresh paint…If you want to know anything about tires, talk to Adam. He will hug you and then fill your brain with tire knowledge! lol

Jason Goldsworthy- Putting a fuel cell in his Audi, along with doing some wiring and putting in another 5 cylinder and gutting the car. Keeping this thing on a diet so that the Audi Coupe will be completed for next season. Google an Audi coupe if you don’t know what it is. Epic 90’s styling. Period. Probably the most unique build so far.

Rio Patterson- Has a top secret crazy Japanese engine build in the works, but that’s going on the backburner for now. Dropping an SR20DET into Scooter Jones old Chassis and getting out there with a beefed up SR by early summer. Wait until you see the cage.. its pretty gnarly.

Matt Hansen- The 1JZ swapped sil80 is pretty much done. Needs some paint, a little wiring clean-up and will be on the track for the first event. I’m pretty much convinced that the 1JZGTE is the SEXIEST sounding engine to date. Prove me wrong.Leaving the stock twins on for some long powerband action, excited to see this guy progress throughout the year.

Audi Riza AKA- CHOO CHOO TRAIN!!!! (don’t ask lol)Did some INSANE body work at Matt’s shop and pulled out the completely annihilated rear end. Looks pretty damn good compared to the smashed can it was after last year.Painted snow white with some new upgrades like an ASD Hydro-brake, gauges and engine mods. Watch out for Audi, if you haven’t seen this guy drive… you are completely missing out. I can’t wait to tandem door to door with this mad man!

As for myself (Sam Henry)- Running into a couple snags with the LS6 swap, but its moving forward.Lots of chassis wiring left, need an exhaust and some miscellaneous fittings and lines. Should be running within 2-3 weeks. I’ll post up a mild build thread later on.Hopefully you guys will love the Rapebull just as much with it being powered by a Z06 Corvette V8, some new wheels, ASD Hydro-brake, new vinyl scheme and some sick sponsors!

Check out our fan page on facebook (empty pockets drift crew) and come hang out at events with us. Getting stickers and gear made for our fans, friends and crew as well so facebook me for details! We really appreciate all of the support and will do anything to keep you guys along for the ride!


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