Saturday, April 30, 2011

2010 EPDC Drift Demo: re-edit

Anyone who is into media production will probably tell you that in this trade, you'll always suck. Just when you think you know it all, you really don't. And after years of grinding, you'll still be doubting yourself. As an artist I'm my worst critic, and have always aim to do better.

I shot this race scene about a year ago, but did have the confidence to release them. Back then I was too hard on myself about photography and all things correct, such as blah blah exposure, shutter speed, and etc. I'd admit the pressure got to me, so I burried deep in my external file as failed attempts. However, thanks to some readindgs and months of following some of my favorite photographers which are a mixture of various Speedhunters, Mayday Garage , Fatlace, and Motormavens photographers and contributors. Although, I will never come close to their level of skills and mastery- all of them seem to have the same reoccuring messages about photography, which is (1) conversation, (2) style, and (3) have fun.

(1) AKA "what is your fucking point." When they say the a photo holds a million stories (or something to this affect) as a photographer that has to be true all the time. And as photographers we owe it to our audiences to make them curious by providing each frame with a story. (3) AKA "indentity." This is a chance for you ( photographer) to hint your audience about who you are. I'm not talking about the ink on your photos, but the elements within. I can tell the difference between a Jose Martinez from a Larry Chen (which by the way are awesome D1 photographers). (3) AKA "fuck your photography lango." Simply put, over expose under expose my ass. Our knowledge of "correct" photography is not one to following by, otherwise, we'd all just shoot with Ashton Kutcher's cameras. Have fun and break the rules. But then again, I could be wrong come tomorrow, LOL.


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