Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Collin's s13 Build: Luscious Yellow

If I was ever a drift judge, I'd give the owner of this luscious s13, Collin Melody of EPDC, top points for appearance. Besides the Bunny Rocket Kit, this MB bodykit is by far one of the sexiest thing I've ever seen on a s13. On top of it all, its a bonus that it is yellow. Although only a few cars can look good in this color, I think Mr. Melody's paint choice gamble has paid off beautifully, I love it! Now the next thing is to shoot it properly, although editing was a bet of challenging I love working on track cars. I bet it'll look 2x better on the track, and can't wait to shoot it again going sideways.

At the moment the car is still in it's building process, but Mr. Melody promises of great things to come- as listed:
precesion 58/57 turbo
turbosmart wastegate
tial 50mm BOV
fuel injector clinic 1100cc injectors
mishimoto intercoler
mishimoto radiator
spec stage 5 clutch
ARC control panel
prosport guages
megan track coilovers
origin takadashi 50mm rear overfenders
origin 30mm front overfenders
BN sport body kit
ER Spec roll cage
5 zigen and Bride seats
custom paint by Lil Matt
fully built KA24ET
Eagle rods
Wiesico pistion
king bearings
rebuilt head
cometic head gasket
ARP holding everything

* A huge thanks to my sponsers Primo Performace, The Ink Tailor Tattoo Studio
and a special thanks to Jmuag Producions
EPDC 2011!!!!!!
-Collin Melody

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  1. Sick Sick Car Dude,what kind of yellow is that?