Monday, April 4, 2011

A shot but surprising weekend

Aside from the fact that my weekend was mostly shot, and should have been living the dream in Indianapolis, I got a surprised phone call about helping a fellow car enthusiast on rolling his fender. Trying to make the most of my weekend, I called up my trusty buddy to tag along, gathered my equipments, and decided to pay a visit.

When I was told it’d be a MR2, little did I know it was “the MR2.” This thing was gorgeous and well cared for with lots of tasty high-end parts. The car was a nice glistering dark blue with sparkling pearl flakes (reminds me of my old EF8), and sitting on a set of super rare Wise Sports wrapped on the Nitto Invos. Among other things, when we arrived the owner was in the middle of a $3k oversized Wildwood brake kit.

-only on way to edit when a photo is overexposed and with lots of time to burn.

I'm not one to write a tech. write-up, but here's my attempt to explain fender rolling at the request of some of you. FYI: At the request of the owner, the operation was not a full roll- I didn't even get to use the tilt feature. Enjoy, now I have to go drink my disappointment away.

*my rolling service isn't for charity, $100.

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