Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Vette Jerks"

Honda /acura since the days of RJ have always been looking to add muscle to every aspects of the car. Done are the days of body kits, motor swaps, internal upgrades, and even boost. A new wave of style is starting to pick up, thanks to the populatiry of drift. It's really an old concept, but just now more and more kids are starting to pick up on it, "stance." Or if not done right, "vette jerks" (phrase copy right by JMP).

Here's a 97 Integra with a moderate H22 build and Hondata equiped, all for fun street/highway/track pulls. Satisfied with his current power, the owner wanted a beefer look and decided to work on his stance. After some quick rolls and pulls and a test drive around, I thought I snap a few. The owner is current in battle with which color to paint, red or white? If you ask me, both- LOL.