Monday, May 9, 2011

Money Hungry Pigs

*With Project Fugly coming to a close being done, I'm somewhat nervious about taking her on the road. The wheel setup is pretty aggressive, pink HID blubs (courtesey of HID Lighting & Accessories), and the car is so damn low that its constantly mopping the pavement as I'm making my way from A to B. I'm a pretty spendy person, but one expense I absolutely hate is blowing it on the police department. So to get to the bottom of it, I went online and found some useful information- and thought I share. The information is from that state of Wisconsin, but a close buddy of mine, who is in training to be a state patrol officer, confimed that it's relatively the same in Minnesota.

Equipment FAQ:
1. What rules must I follow?
Cars must have a rear bumper attached the same way it came from the manufacturer. Pickup trucks do need a rear bumper.

2. What is the height requirement for vehicle bumpers?
For cars, the requirement is two-inches plus or minus manufacturers' specifications.
Pickup trucks may have up to four-inches plus for tires, and five-inches plus for suspension for a combination of an additional nine-inches over manufacturers specifications.

3. What are the limitations concerning tinted windows?
50% front side windows only; 65% rear windows (35% light).

4. May I operate with a cracked windshield?
Yes, depending on where the crack is. It cannot be in the critical area (windshield wiper area). See Transportation rules 305.32 & 305.34.

5. Is it illegal to have decals on my windshield?
Stickers authorized by law (i.e., state park stickers or others issued by a government agency) are allowed four (4) inches up from the bottom of the windshield. See Wisconsin Statute 346.88 (3)(a) and Transportation rule 305.34 (6).

6. May I operate without a rear view mirror?
No, there must be a rear view mirror located inside or outside the vehicle, or both. Side mirrors are required if you cannot see 300 feet to the rear.

7. Is it legal to operate my vehicle with things hanging from my rear view mirror?
No, it is an obstruction of view.

8. When may I operate my fog lights? Off road lights?
During inclement weather with two headlamps (no more than four lights on). Off road lamps mounted outside restrictions cannot be operated on roads. See Transportation rule 305.075(5).

9. May I have a red light visible in my vehicle? (Firemen, EMT's, etc.)
Yes, but the red light does not give you the right to disobey the law when driving.

10. Is it legal to drive with your dome light on?
Yes, however, it is more difficult to see at night with a light on in the vehicle. The light affects night vision. Inattentive driving may be involved, depending why the driver has the light on.

11. Is it legal to flash your bright lights at another vehicle to get them to turn their bright lights off?
Yes, Wisconsin statute 347.12(1) allows for an operator to intermittently flash the vehicle's high-beam headlamps at an oncoming vehicle whose high-beam headlamps are lit.

12. I have auxiliary lights mounted above the cab of my pickup. Are there restrictions?
Yes. They cannot be used for highway use. See Transportation rule 305.075.

13. When is a tire considered to be illegal?
If the tire is worn to the point where part of the ply or cord construction is exposed, or there is less than 2/32 inch tread depth measured at two points no less than 15 inches apart in any major tread groove, at or near the center of the tire.

14. How far may tires stick out past the fender wall?
Two inches, but that protrusion must be covered by fender extension.

15. How high can I "lift" my vehicle?
Four inches.

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