Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Memorial Saturday

Received a call from Sam of EPDC about a private practice at Raceway and he needed a photographer. Disappointed from ClubFR's cancelled event, I decided to tag along. Overall, was a learning experience for me due to the changing weather and short amount of time- full manual shooting was not best setting to be in.

My Morning started at 9am with a hearty breakfast made by yours truly. Someday I wanna own my breakfast joint.

Shortly after, I rushed to Raceway and got there within 20 minutes. Things seemed kind of quiet at the front parking lot- was about to put on my Pandora when I heard tires screeching like hell. Got my got my gears quickly and got to the track and sure enough Rob was already hitting it hard.

Later, three of the EPDC cars showed up, and things got more interesting.

The owner, Matt Hansen, of this JDM s13 1jz swapped had problem through the entire event and spent most of his time by the garage. Although it seemed pretty frustrating, his mechanic, Jesse Hewitt of Primo Performance, was not afraid to get down and dirty.

Within the hour, it was time to shut down, along with that news of storm was fast approaching. Its amazing what weather does to people- Adam aka "Storm Jumper".

The ride on the way home was just as interesting…(video soon). Later, I joined the guys for some tasty food- perfect way to end a very fun day.

**More photos can be view on my flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/54306394@N07/sets/72157626842814628/with/5776705267/

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