Monday, May 16, 2011

Project Fugly Progress pt. 3

*It's been over a month and due to my frugal like decisions on parts, now Project Fugly (PF) is delayed. In an attempt to stay postive and productive, I decided to start the car up to impress some friends who were visiting. At first crank it struggled a bit, but she fired at second attempt, only to die seconds later. Checking all the basical vital components, I discovered that the distributor was at fault with evidence of oil residue caused by cheap non-oem gasket.

Thanks to a good buddy, I was rescued with a brand new distributor that he had lying around from previous projects. To my surprise, it's the wrong OBD distributor, so a conversion is needed- the fun never stops. I hate you PF!

Despite my hatred for ebay, they are the only few website that carry 'knock off' unconventional and illegal goods. One inch wheel adaptor to make up for disgusting gap in the front.

Another snag that was deferred and looming is the suspension drop in the front. The cheap ebay coils and springs (previous owner's) can't be slammed. I had to cut two coils off the spring and it's still not sitting low enough. I only stopped becuase of the top upper ball joint is hitting the frame. After much online reading, I would need a full coilover set.

Currently waiting on seat bracket to come in. My frugal attempt in using the stock bracket was a total 3 days waste and failure.

In the meantime, getting camber lessons from repairing my RS4 Pro II.

*For you drift fans, I'm sorry to have bore you- this weekend your's truly will be traveling to the mecca drift track in Shawano Wisconsin. I can't wait to meet up with my media gang members as we attempt to 'rape' this weekend.

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  1. EF is coming along nicely. Best wishes to you, keep it up bro.