Thursday, May 5, 2011

Random Conversations

*photoshoot$: Although JMP does not shoot privately for rate$, we're still receiving requests for photoshoots. Personally, I've responded a few back with very minimal rate- pretty much just covering my gas expenses and a bottle of whiskey for the weekend. I did this shoot for free, because the owner of this car had such a large JMP logo that I couldn't resist.

*Power Updates: We've been getting exciting facebook updates about this s14 from the owner himself. The powerplant of this beast is engineered by Elite Auto Engineering, and is currently back there again, for for more upgrades. I thought that car seemed very powerful and flawless as it was- I can't wait til its finish though.

*American Hybird: its official, from the drift tracks all over the world and now to the small corner of midwest, 2011 is year of the v8. For all you serious drifters, if you're still dicking around with RBs and SRs, in the words of the Black Eyed Peas, "you're 2000 and late." Look at Matt Power, from a sloppy 2010 season to palladium finish- LSX FTW.

*Long December: 3 weeks from now we'll still be talking about the shitty snow that refused to leave Minnesota. Believe it or not, I shot this picture in Late March with 6-12" of snow.

*Plans to Rule the World: I'm a total Blonde (no offense, it's my blog so BLAH) when it comes to DSMs. However, I do know this...this mean machine will rip all your girlfriends' panties off when it hits the track this June. Kudos to our good friends at Primo Performance.

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