Thursday, June 30, 2011

Donations: Help Keep JMP Going

Asking for donation NPR style. Please donate and support your favorite local blog. Your funds help support for our staffs to setup future projects shoots, event coverages, and website costs. Again, I ask if you want more cool model features, cars, and event coverages- please show us your apperciation by making a small donation today.

We ask that you donate (minimum $5) and we will send you the "400whp Argument" 18x12" poster at no shipping cost to you:
As a bonus, the first 11 person to donate ($25 or more) will receive the "400 horse power argument" poster with models signatures and a 12x9" poster of the beautiful Ms. Trisha Lynn.
*Please send all donations through my paypal account by clicking on the link at top of the screen.

**also, you can make donations in person by appointments.

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