Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Model Feature: May Vang

For this month's model feature we proudly present the beautiful and elegant, May Vang. She is Ms. October in our calendar, and beyond a beautiful face she is an abosulte charm and very smart girl with college degree in Paralegal. Ms. Vang was also incrediblily brave in that she was our very first model we shot back in the day- and later invited her in for another shoot. She has incredible features that any photographers will die for, we are certain she will be successful in this business.

1.How did you get into modeling?
I don’t remember how I actually got into modeling, but I’ve always had an interest in it. Friends and family would tell me to take advantage of my weight and maybe try modeling for fun. I took their advice and found that it was not only fun, but a great way to meet people. It’s also a great excuse to pamper myself =)

2. First thing I do in the morning?
I reach over and turn on my radio. I’m a morning person, but at times I still have to force myself out of bed and the music helps me do just that.

3. If I can control time, I would...?
Slow it down a tad. Time is ticking a little too fast for me and there isn’t enough time to do much anymore.

4. My worst car horror story was...?
I can’t think of my worst car horror story, but I can share my most embarrassing car story. I had just bought my Honda, which is a manual, and was getting adjusted to shifting gears. A couple of friends were going downtown to the clubs and so we decided to take my car. As nervous as I was driving downtown, we got there safely. After several hours of having a really good time and calling it a night, I found myself in a difficult situation. The ramp we parked in had a steep exit and I had not yet learned how to achieve the gear shifts and foot work on accomplishing steep roads. I had no choice, but to go through with it. I was doing fine until the car in front of me decided to stop at the top of the exit ramp which meant I had to stop right in the middle of the steep exit. Every time I let go of the pedal to shift gear the car rolled back. Just imagine a couple of girls in the car screaming each time the car rolled back a little. It’s pretty hilarious. To wrap things up, I had to flag down a guy to drive my car out of the ramp. It wasn’t funny during the whole ordeal, but thinking back to it… it was embarrassing and pretty hilarious.

5. Other then modeling, I love doing...?
Spending time with my family and this isn’t a typical pageant answer. Growing up I spent a lot of time away from them, partying and hanging out with friends. Now that my party days are very limited, I love spending time with my family. Whether it’s having the whole family over for dinner or just staying in and having a family meeting. It’s time spent with the most amazing people in my life.

6. Finish the following sentence “Jmuag,...”
Jmuag… ua les caag kuv yuav muaj hmoo ua luaj les =) (translation: "bastard, why are you so lucky!")

7. Any special thanks?
I want to thank my family, friends and loved ones. They are the people in my life that shaped me into what I am today.

I also want to thank Jmuag Production for giving me this great and exciting opportunity. It means a great deal to me.

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