Monday, June 13, 2011

My MAPerformance Report, Rd. 2

Round 2 managed to attract about twice the number of drivers, and was just about the much interesting. The day began on a high note, seeing old and new friends, got to see some cool drift cars that I haven’t seen, and best of all, meeting one of my favorite photographer/driver, Keith of TMF. As hint of it started a high note, it ended on a low tone…to find out you can scroll down now. Also, round 2 tries to bring something for everybody- a bikini contest, which it didn't happened or I totally missed it (I would not for the world), and awesome RC actions!I am not a judge, but after seeing day1 and 2, the most improved driver award goes to Michael AKA "Teckno" of this blue/black S14 Zenki edition. First day he was doing a lot of inside banks and was a bit rusty outside, but this weekend ripped hard on the outer banks without much trouble. Best kick ass moment was seeing Max taking PK’s car to its limits connecting the KA-T on the outer bank, super close to the wall too. Max’s initiation was insane almost like he’s taunting the wall and constantly teasing it as he flies by. Gotta watch for this guy in future event for sure. My favorite car of the event is this ’83 Toyota Celica Supra. Super clean inside out. Really cool owner to talk to as well. Yes, I do have a sweet spot for the oldies, mostly imports.

After going back to the pit, I headed up the hill to re-enter the track but Sam and Audi were up and I thought this time I was going to capture it from a different angle. Little did know of the event to follow. Best way to describe it…it was just “weird”. The tandem was awesome, as always, and it came to an end with Sam stopping and about to make an exit out of the track when out of nowhere Audi slams right into Sam’s quarter panel. I was about less than 10 feet from the accident and completely stunned. I’m happy to report both drivers and passengers were ok. This goes to show you that in this sport anything can happen. And after a few adjustments, he was out killing in the evening show like nothing happened- true class.

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